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China, EU to form group to modernize global trade rules

Jun 25, 2018

China and Europe have agreed to launch a group that will work to update global trade rules to address technology policy, subsidies and other emerging irritants and preserve support for international trade amid U.S. threats of import controls

Justices adopt digital-age privacy rules to track cellphones

Jun 23, 2018

The Supreme Court says police generally need a search warrant if they want to track criminal suspects' movements by collecting information about where they've used their cellphones

California lawmaker attacked over net neutrality decision

Jun 23, 2018

A California lawmaker says he's being harassed online because he altered a bill to restore internet neutrality protections

Bank robbery suspect gives ID, easily tracked by police

Jun 22, 2018

Police say a quick-thinking bank teller convinced a suspected robber to hand over his own license

Arkansas court clears way for medical pot program's launch

Jun 21, 2018

The Arkansas Supreme Court has cleared the way for the state to launch its medical marijuana program

Science Says: What makes something truly addictive

Jun 21, 2018

Video game "addiction" decision renews debate over whether behaviors can cause same kind of illness as drugs

Days after buying Time Warner, AT&T launches new TV service

Jun 21, 2018

AT&T is launching a new streaming service incorporating networks from the Time Warner company it just bought.

Net neutrality backers fume as California bill watered down

Jun 21, 2018

California legislation that was billed as one of the nation's most aggressive efforts to revive net neutrality was watered down during a tense legislative hearing

Mars rover still silent as red planet dust storm goes global

Jun 20, 2018

A dust storm at Mars is now global, keeping NASA's Opportunity rover out of touch with Earth

Tesla sues ex-employee alleging data theft, leaks to media

Jun 20, 2018

A former employee hacked into computers at Tesla's Nevada battery factory, stole confidential information and combined it with falsehoods in leaks to the media, the electric car maker alleged in a federal lawsuit

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