Projects by Design Launches New Online Course

March 29, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Projects by Design based in Bluffton, South Carolina is offering a new online team development strategy course.

The new online course dubbed “How to Use Tuckman’s Ladder” is being offered for free by Projects by Design. The course is presented by Mr. Dan Barringer, who also serves as the president of the company. Barringer has almost 20 years program and project management delivery experience across a wide variety of industries and organizational functions.

Barringer is also widely regarded as an expert in tailoring delivery processes and tools to the needs of each unique customer and project. Serving also as a coach and mentor, he has helped project teams reach peak performance while sharing his knowledge and expertise with individual team members, sponsors, peers, and throughout organizations.

Meanwhile, the new course offered by the professional services consulting organization is a step-by-step guide on how to use Tuckman’s Ladder in building high performing teams. Tuckman’s Ladder, as explained by Barringer, are stages that a group must go through to become a high performing team.

The course highlights the following stages in Tuckman’s Ladder: forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning.

In the forming stage, everyone in the team is still getting to know each other and understanding a little bit about their roles and how they can contribute. The next step is storming, where conflict most often occurs. If the team must become effective, they will then move to the next stage, which is norming.

In the norming stage, the team learns how to work with each other and establish norms and behaviors supported by everyone. Once these norms are established, the team can move to the performing stage. It is where they deliver the work at a high performing level. Lastly, the final part is the adjourning stage, where the team separates ways.

Barringer also adds that the course will cover how Tuckman’s Ladder affects team development in greater detail and how to apply it. The course will also discuss the practical tips and tools for managing teams in each stage. Another essential discussion in the online class is why the adjourning stage is critical, especially for project teams.

Meanwhile, Projects by Design also offers free courses on project canvas and effective Agile Framework implementation strategy. Project canvas contains lessons on how to kick start a project. The other course meanwhile focuses on the four key components of developing an effective Agile Framework implementation strategy.

The company offers professional consulting services to businesses, and IT teams that result in high performing delivery-based, powerfully-effective, focused, value-added entities.

“Projects by Design transforms your project organizations into high performing, value-focused delivery teams that drive profitability,” they add.

To register for their online courses and check their other services, contact Projects by Design by calling 803-417-7966 or through email at The company is located at 10 Pinckney Colony Rd Building 300, Suite 307 Bluffton S.C. 29909. Check them online at


For more information about Projects by Design, contact the company here:

Projects by Design
Dan Barringer
10 Pinckney Colony Rd Building 300, Suite 307 Bluffton S.C. 29909

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