OwlSourcing Helps Traders Import from China Digitally & Avoid the Need to Travel

Renowned product sourcing agent OwlSourcing helps customers all over the world to import from China and other southeastern Asian countries.

Shanghai, China - March 29, 2020 /MarketersMedia/ —

Shanghai, China – With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many retailers and wholesalers are attempting to conduct their business from home. OwlSourcing.com wants importers to know that they provide cloud-based digital sourcing service from China and other southeastern Asian countries, which may help resolve some of the problems currently being faced.

Based in Shanghai, OwlSourcing Ltd offers services that will help substantially reduce the costs for small to medium-size companies doing business in China.

“I think our digital sourcing strategy can be of enormous assistance to our customers, especially during these difficult times,” says Andy Yu, the founder of OwlSourcing. “With no air tickets to pay for, no fees for a China visa, and no accommodation or hotel expenses, you will be saving a fortune. You will also be saving a lot of valuable time.”

An ideal resource for Amazon sellers, OwlSourcing provides a one-on-one digital sourcing service with the following benefits:

• On-site factory audits with video reports
• Regular weekly conference meetings to update customers about the status of their projects
• The use of Cloud documents, avoiding the need for excessive back-and-forth emails while keeping the data updated and shared with the stakeholders in a timely manner.

“People are starting to realize that they can do most of their work from home and turn the face-to-face meeting into a zoom meeting,” adds Yu. “It’s a method that’s making people safer. And OwlSourcing is also making the job easier. These days, people are relying more and more heavily on Amazon. With more people engaging in online business, it’s critical to optimize the supply chain in Asia and especially China.”

Owlsourcing has united with the largest shipping company in Shanghai to fulfill the FBA shipment optimization to provide the lowest possible shipping cost to customers.

Other advantages include:

 Product plans, analyzing and sourcing both in China and Southeast Asian countries
 Purchase order management and follow up (A-Z)
 On-site quality inspection to ensure quality before shipment
 Product photography and video service
 A regular report about new and smart products to allow customers to follow current trends on Tik Tok and YouTube
 International shipping solutions to optimize shipping costs.

“No matter whether you’re an Amazon seller, a retailer or wholesaler, we can help you get the best products to market at the right price,” Yu concludes. “Contact us today and find out how we can help you!”

About the Company

Headquartered in Shanghai, the sourcing agents at OwlSourcing have worked on thousands of purchasing orders for customers worldwide over the last decade. The company offers various tailor-made services and partners with different types of businesses at highly competitive rates.

For more information, visit the website at www.owlsourcing.com.

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Organization: OwlSourcing Ltd.
Phone: 086-13816126272
Website: http://www.owlsourcing.com

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