Buddha Catuparisa Foundation International Fulfills Buddhist Roles, Accelerating Completion of the Buddha’s Fourfold Community

Ready to drive and fulfill the Buddhist 4-Fold Community, Buddha Catuparisa Foundation International has accelerated their movement to strengthen Thai people’s understanding of Dhamma Vinaya 84,000 Dhammakhandha by unveiling Buddha’s teachings to the Thai society through the principles of Dhamma according to the Tripitaka.


"Buddha Catuparisa Foundation International" is a foundation that promotes and supports the preservation of Buddhism by disseminating the Buddha’s teachings through the principles of Dhamma according to the Tipitaka, and focuses on building understanding about the roles of  the 4 Buddhist Communities, which consist of Bhikkhu (male monks), Bhikkhuni (female monks), Upasaka (laymen) and Upasika (laywomen) who drive forward and maintain the Buddha’s teachings.


Mrs. Miki Paramee, Spokesperson for the Buddha Catuparisa Foundation International, mentioned the role of the 4 Buddhist Communities (Bhikkhun, Bhikkhuni, Upasaka and Upasika) that, in fact, the Four Communities have the primary responsibility to study and preserve the teachings of Buddhism according to the Tripitaka, to uphold the stability and commitment of Buddhism, which can be achieved through a complete Fourfold Community, meaning no single community should be absent.


Miki said, "During the Buddha’s lifetime, Bhikkhuni Community was one of the 4 Buddhist Communities, and there were just as many Bhikkhuni (female monks) as Bhikkhu (male monks), which proves that the Lord Buddha had wished the women to be ordained, occupy Civara robes (monks’ uniform) and become enlightened just like Bhikkhu."

According to the Buddhist history, it appears the name of the first Bhikkhuni in Buddhism, Maha Pajapati Gotami, who was a younger sister of the Buddha’s mother. Her Highness got ordained, studied Dhamma and strictly followed the Discipline and eventually attained enlightenment. The Lord Buddha regarded her as the Master of the Rattannu (one who had accumulated Dhamma over an infinite number of reincarnated lives). Furthermore, there were a multitude of Bhikkhuni who became enlightened and possessed a major role in disseminating Dhamma Vinaya in the same manner as the Bhikkhu monks.


Buddha Catuparisa Institute Phutthamonthon Sai 5 and Vatta Bhikkhunii Patimokkha Yasothon Province are the 2 places that are supported by Buddha Catuparisa Foundation International. Both places have Bhikkhu and Bhikkhuni who practice the Buddha’s disciplines according to the 84,000 Dhammakhanda teachings. This includes reviewing Patimokkha (monks’ precepts) on Buddhist holy days, reciting the Tripitaka in Pali language, participating in daily chanting, offering and receiving rainshower robes, sewing and dyeing Civara robes (monks’ uniform) as well as organizing and participating in Kathina Offering. The goal is to fulfill the Buddhist Fourfold Community and to promote the preservation of Buddhism as well as to be a model for Buddhists to study and understand the original teachings from the Tipitaka, which is the core principle of "Theravada" Buddhists.


According to Ayye Gambhira (“Ayye” is a title used to refer to the Bhikkhuni, similar to “Bhante” referring to Bhikkhu) who has been in bhikkhuni-hood over 7 years and now staying at Maha Vihara Buddhacatuparisa in Sri Lanka, said “Bhikkhuni must hold 311 precepts, while Bhikkhu hold 227 precepts. The reason that Bhikkhuni have to carry more precepts is because of female’s physiology, and that by no means prohibits their role and duties to disseminate Buddha’s teachings. An example of this is a Bhikkhu has 3 Civara robes, namely, “Sangati” covering a shoulder, ‘Utarasanga’ covering the body and ‘Antaravasaga’ covering the lower half; on the other hand, a Bhikkhuni as 5 Civara robes. The two additional robes are ‘Sangacchika’ covering breasts and “Udakasatika” worn inside Antaravasaga.”


"Currently the Foundation provides support to take care of approximately 50 Bhikkhu and Bhikkhuni staying within the 7 temples such as Bhikkhuni Patimokkhatipitaka in Yasothorn, Thailand, whose abbot is Ayye Pathamaloka Tipitaka, who has ordained for 12 years." Ayye also said, “Laypeople find it difficult to enter ordination, especially females because of so many limitations such as resistance from their families and the general public’s view that Bhikkhuni is a made-up story, when in reality the reason why ladies want to get ordained as Buddhist monks is because they want to study and practice Dhamma and Vinaya Discipline in order to one day find the path to cease all sufferings. In fact, many ladies get ordained because they want to preserve the completion of the 4-Fold Buddhist Community.”


Ayye Gambhira added, "The ultimate goal of Buddha Catuparisa Foundation International is to ensure that all Buddhist Communities receive fair and equal knowledge in the Buddha’s teachings, and  continue to drive Buddhism continuously. Our current mission is to provide knowledge and understanding of the duties of the Fourfold Community: Bhikkhu, Bhikkhuni, Upasaka and Upasika, who equally play vital roles in driving Buddhism forward according to the Lord Buddha. "


"The studies and practice of Buddhist teachings in Thailand have been harmoniously blended in with the Thai culture throughout history, and many principles may be distorted from the original teachings in the Tipitaka. The best way to restore Buddhism today is to return to the starting point, which is to study Dhamma and Vinaya directly from the Tipitaka and practice what we learn. Just as the world consists of women and men who jointly uphold responsibilities to maintain the balance of this world, Buddhism also requires the 4 Buddhist Communities to act together for the balance and completion of Buddhism.”, Miki concluded.


In this regard, Buddha Catuparisa Foundation International has made an animated film about the establishment of the Buddha’s Fourfold Community under the title “The Story of Buddhacatuparisa”, which can be viewed through the link below:



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"Buddha Catuparisa Institute" by "Buddha Catuparisa Foundation International", is a center for promoting and supporting the 4 Buddhist Communities to have an equal opportunity to study the principles and practices in accordance with the principles of Dhamma and Vinaya discipline correctly according to the Tripitaka; in order to understand the profound teachings of the Lord Buddha's 84,000 Dhammakhanda, with Bhikkhu and Bhikkhuni attending and performing Dhamma activities, as well as sponsoring for all 7 temples in Thailand and other countries around the world, including Vatta Bhikkhuni Patimokkhadhammatipitaka in Yasothorn, Thailand, and Buddhist temples in Alaska, California, Australia, Uruguay, Sri Lanka and India.


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