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Connecticut becoming a hub for new bioscience companies

Sep 24, 2016

The University of Connecticut has opened up 28,000-square feet of new laboratory space, which it is leasing to startup companies in the bioscience field

GOP seeks review of claim NFL tried to sway concussion study

Sep 15, 2016

House Republicans are calling for an independent review of allegations the National Football League sought to improperly influence a government study into the link between football and brain disease

Justice Dept. announces code of conduct for forensic labs

Sep 13, 2016

The Justice Department is developing a new code of professional responsibility for its forensic science laboratories

Study details sugar industry attempt to shape science

Sep 12, 2016

A new study details how the sugar industry worked to downplay emerging science linking sugar and heart disease

NASA nears the end of its splashdown tests for Mars craft

Aug 25, 2016

NASA has simulated a splashdown of its Orion spacecraft as it prepares to eventually send humans to Mars

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