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Study provides clues to fate of early North American dogs

Jul 5, 2018

New study provides clues to the fate of early North American dogs that all but disappeared after the arrival of Europeans

Scientists create hybrids in race to save rhino sub-species

Jul 4, 2018

Scientist say they're several steps closer to perfecting a method for stopping the extinction of northern white rhinos

Many animals are shifting from day to night to avoid people

Jun 14, 2018

Fear of people is driving many animals around the globe to shift their activities from day to night

Dunes on Pluto made of tiny frozen grains of methane

May 31, 2018

Scientists have discovered dunes on Pluto made of tiny frozen grains of methane.

Study offers new look at why our brains evolved to be so big

May 23, 2018

A new study suggests our brains evolved to be so big largely to cope with the environmental demands our ancestors faced

Warming, not cooling, donated livers may improve transplants

Apr 18, 2018

Study suggests warming, not cooling, donated livers may improve organ transplants

Fossil finger points to early humans entering Saudi Arabia

Apr 9, 2018

An ancient human finger bone found in Saudi Arabia provides a new clue about when and how our species migrated out of Africa

Stone tools from Kenya give early glimpse of human behavior

Mar 15, 2018

Stone tools from ancient sites in Kenya are giving a glimpse at the emergence of some key human behaviors

Expanding DNA's alphabet lets cells produce novel proteins

Nov 29, 2017

Scientists used artificial DNA to create a semi-synthetic strain of bacteria that produces novel proteins, a step toward designer drug development

Not so sweet: 75 percent of honey samples had key pesticide

Oct 5, 2017

Researchers test honey samples from around globe; three-quarters had common pesticide suspected of harming bees

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