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Chinese fossil sheds light on mysterious Neanderthal kin

May 1, 2019

Fossil jaw fragment from Chinese cave came from mysterious relative of Neanderthals

Scientists spur some activity in brains of slaughtered pigs

Apr 17, 2019

Scientists restored some activity within the brains of pigs that had been slaughtered hours before

Study: Aegean farmers replaced hunters of ancient Britain

Apr 15, 2019

Scientists say a wave of migrants from what is now Greece and Turkey arrived in Britain some 6,000 years ago and virtually replaced the existing hunter-gatherer population

NASA twins study explores space, the final genetic frontier

Apr 11, 2019

Unique study of twin astronauts is helping scientists uncover how the body responds to long space travel

Monkey birth a step to saving fertility of boys with cancer

Mar 21, 2019

Birth of a monkey highlights experimental technology to preserve fertility when boys undergo cancer treatment

UN: Gene editing for human reproduction is 'irresponsible'

Mar 19, 2019

Experts: Gene editing for human reproduction is 'irresponsible'

Scientists back temporary global ban on gene-edited babies

Mar 13, 2019

An international group of scientists and ethicists is calling for a temporary global ban on making babies with edited genes

Chimps varied 'culture' matters for conservation, study says

Mar 7, 2019

It's different strokes for different chimpanzees, according to a new study that highlights the diversity of chimp behavior - and argues it's worth protecting

Our Milky Way galaxy is truly warped, at least around edges

Feb 5, 2019

Our Milky Way galaxy is truly warped, at least around the far edges

Food industry sway over public health gets new scrutiny

Jan 29, 2019

As obesity becomes a more pressing global problem, two reports in science journals call for stricter guidelines to limit the food industry's influence on public health

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