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The Apple Watch is inching toward becoming a medical device

Sep 13, 2018

Apple is trying to turn its smartwatch into a life preserver with features that gain key clearances from US government regulators

Got $1,100? Apple shows off its most expensive iPhone yet

Sep 13, 2018

Apple expands iPhone line-up with biggest, expensive model yet along with cheaper alternatives

The Latest: High-quality heart readings in new Apple Watch

Sep 12, 2018

Apple's new smartwatch will have the ability to take high-quality heart readings to detect irregular heart rhythms and other potential problems.

Apple expected to unveil bigger, pricier iPhone on Wednesday

Sep 11, 2018

Apple expected to expand iPhone line-up with biggest, expensive model yet along with cheaper alternatives

Poll: Teens say social media makes them feel better

Sep 10, 2018

Today's teens are constantly on their smartphones, many check social media constantly and prefer texting over face-to-face communication

As Google turns 20, questions over whether it's too powerful

Sep 7, 2018

Google's resounding success during its first 20 years in business has regulators, lawmakers questioning whether the company has become too powerful

Samsung's $1,000 Note 9 is great - but so is the cheaper S9

Aug 23, 2018

For $1,000, the Galaxy Note 9 is a superb phone that's the best Samsung has to offer; for a few hundred less, the Galaxy S9 has much of what the Note 9 is now getting

Facebook bans quiz app, pulls its security app over privacy

Aug 23, 2018

Facebook bans quiz app, removes its security app from Apple store over privacy concerns

Best Buy to buy a provider of health devices for the aging

Aug 15, 2018

Consumer electronics retailer Best Buy is pushing more into the health field, acquiring a company that provides emergency response devices for the aging

For many kids, summer means powering down for camp

Aug 10, 2018

Summer camps have moved to bans on personal electronics in the name of human interaction

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