Efforts to combat school shootings are shifting toward software and other...
Intel has revealed another hardware security flaw that could affects millions...
Free video services let you watch thousands of movies and TV shows online, but...

Government-funded study says red wolves are distinct species

A panel of top scientists has concluded the endangered red wolf of the southeastern U.S. is a species unto itself

Mar 28, 2019

Boss revenge, self-colonoscopy studies win 2018 Ig Nobels

Researchers who found that that using a virtual voodoo doll to exact revenge on an abusive boss can help you feel better, and who figured out that nutrition isn't a good reason to engage in...

Sep 14, 2018

NIH ends alcohol study, citing funding, credibility problems

The National Institutes of Health is shutting down a study that was supposed to show if a single drink a day could prevent heart attacks, citing ethical problems

Jun 16, 2018

The Latest: Trudeau touts Canada's AI potential at MIT

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada is "investing massively in AI," building on decades of research by Canadian computer scientists who helped provide the "modern underpinnings"...

May 18, 2018

Singing the blues: Study of pop music finds rise in sadness

A study of hundreds of thousands of popular songs over the last three decades has found a downward sonic trend in happiness and an increase in sadness

May 15, 2018

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